Door-to-door Handicap Transportation Service Saginaw and Grand Blanc

Holt Transport is handicap transportation service that has been servicing the needs of handicapped individuals for over 12 years. We can meet you at your door and provide a wheelchair accessible vehicle, get you where you need to go on on-time then assist you safely to your door upon return.

Offices in Saginaw and Grand Blanc Michigan and surrounding areas

We are based in Saginaw Michigan but we also have a new location in Grand Blanc, Michigan. We are able to give you a ride anywhere within the state of Michigan. We provide wheelchair transport with a fleet of 30 handicap accessible vehicles ranging from mini vans to full size vans outfitted with BraunAbility specialty lifts.

Holt Transport is the most reliable handicap transportation service you can find today! For any questions or concerns about our wheelchair transport service feel free to contact us at (989)860-1004.

Wheelchair transportation services

Holt Transport is handicap transportation service that provides door-to-door services. Door-to-door handicapped transport makes it much easier for handicapped individuals to schedule their rides and ensures promptness because there are no scheduling conflicts or delays at the pick up location.

We provide our clients with a large selection of handicap vehicles to choose from including: mini-vans, full size vans, and sedans. Our team at Holt Transport will do everything we can to make your trip as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

Ambulatory, non emergency medical transport

Holt Transport is a handicap transportation service that offers on-time rides for non emergency medical appointments. We provide patient transportation to doctor appointments, therapy sessions, dialysis centers and other important locations within the state of Michigan.

Our handicap transport drivers are trained on how to assist handicapped individuals with care so you can rest assured knowing that your handicapped loved one is in good hands.

Our handicap transport drivers are certified on how to handle all types of wheelchairs including those with power chairs, heavy duty models as well as manual wheelchairs. For handicapped individuals who need a ride to doctor or therapy appointments our handicap transport drivers can provide them with the door-to-door assistance they need in order to get to and from their destination.

Gurney Alternative Van Services

The Future of Bed-to-Bed Transfers Has Arrived

Introducing Holt Transport’s Gurney Alternative Transportation. Our innovative device, the Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair, is now available in Saginaw and Grand Blanc areas!This game-changing chair eliminates the need for manual gurneys while ensuring superior safety and comfort during transport.

Its conveniently placed straps provide improved stability, its adjustable construction customize your patient’s experience -all at substantially lower costs than traditional ambulance services.You can rest easy knowing that transporting bedbound patients has never been easier or more secure with our new delivery system! Whether you’re looking to save money on costly ambulance fees or get victims of injury home safe, fast – look no further than our revolutionary transportation chair.

Prescription pickup and delivery service

Holt Transport provides handicapped and elderly individuals with a prescription pickup and delivery service. We can pick up and deliver prescriptions from pharmacies as well as delivering them to your right to you door!

7 Reasons to choose Holt Transport

1-Door-to-door transportation

Holt transport is unique in that we offer true door-to-door transportation for our clients. Our compassionate drivers will meet you at your door for pickup, take you to your medical appointment and help you back to your door when you return home.

2- Arrive On time

Holt Transport provides safe and reliable transportation services for physically challenged individuals of any age who use a wheelchair or powerchair. 

We provide you with non emergency medical transportation to your Doctor, Rehabilitation Therapy, Kidney Dialysis, Chemotherapy treatment, Eye and Ear exams as well as Outpatient Surgical Procedures; we also offer rides home from the hospital after Surgery!

3-Available anytime weekdays, 7am – 5pm

Our drivers will go anywhere from 7 am – 5 pm everyday to your chosen destinations. Holt may be able to accommodate other times with advanced request depending on availability. We make sure that you get where you are supposed to be in time for your appointments.

4-Modern, clean wheelchair accessible vans

Our wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with an ADA approved commercial lift. Once loaded, your chair is secured to the van floor using our Q-Straint tie down system which keeps it from rolling while in motion. Our vehicles are Commercially Insured, State Inspected and MDOT or LARA Certified, as applicable.

5-​Safe, professional drivers

Drivers are ALL trained and certified in courses such as Defensive Driving, Assisting Passengers with Disabilities, Wheelchair Securement, Emergency Situations Procedures, Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Fraud Waste Abuse prevention. Holt Transportation prides itself on discretion when it comes to health-related information.

6-COVID-19 Transportation

Our safety conscience drivers can provide transportation even with a COVID-19 positive test result. Need a ride to get tested, call Holt Transport.

7-Trusted by medical facilities, hospitals and large insurance companies

Holt works with local and national medical facilities, brokers, and insurance companies who rely on us to transport their clients daily for doctor appointments.

Who do we provide transportation services  for?

We provide door-to-door non emergency medical transportation for people with mobility problems who may need a ride to the store, doctor appointments, therapy or any personal or medical destination.

We have provided rides for hundreds (maybe thousands) of reasons over the past 12 years! Give us a try, you will find out why we transport hundreds of patients each week!

How do you schedule a ride?

Please contact us at Holt Transport, (989)860-1004 or by email You can also request a quote online by clicking on this link.

About Holt Transport

Wheelchair, Ambulatory, Gurney Alternative Door-To-Door Transportation

We are the go-to transportation provider for healthcare organizations, doctor’s offices, schools, public transportation services, and medical facilities across Michigan, trusted by major NEMT management companies nationwide. Our commitment to providing top-notch transportation services for mobility-challenged individuals has led us to expand our fleet past 40 vehicles and drivers since our start in 2010.Our team is trained to ensure safe transportation for clients in wheelchairs, and we strive to accommodate any transportation need for single or multiple passengers, including those with service animals.

All our wheelchair vans feature 22″ bariatric wheelchairs when required. We recently added the Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair – a powerful, revolutionary device that has revolutionized non-emergency medical transport for gurney alternative transport. We take pride in the state-of-the-art technology systems we use to dispatch our vehicles and plan our routes, reducing wait times and ensuring reliable service. Additionally, our commercial insurance, MDOT certification, and state inspection guarantee we maintain our exemplary service. Our vehicles are all newer models, smoke-free, and well-maintained to offer maximum comfort during transit.

We honor our dedication to providing each customer with professional, timely, and safe transportation every time they choose Holt Transport. Choose Holt Transport for safe, professional, and efficient transportation services, every time! Contact us at or call (989)860-1004, Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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