National Average For No Shows

Patient no shows are a frustrating and costly problem that healthcare providers face on a daily basis. According to industry data, the national average for no shows is as high as 30%. There are various reasons why patients miss appointments, from forgetting to scheduling conflicts. However, one often overlooked factor that contributes to missed appointments is transportation. This blog explores the impact that transportation has on patient no shows and the steps healthcare providers can take to reduce it.

As the average American lifespan increases, so does the number of mobility-challenged patients. Whether they’re in a wheelchair or need assistance getting around, transportation is a significant issue that affects their ability to make and keep their appointments. The lack of transportation can be attributed to various reasons, from the high cost of public transportation to limited access to transportation. Patients may have to rely on family members or friends that may not be available, especially during working hours.

What Are No Shows Costing Your Medical Practice?

The cost of patient no-shows can be substantial for healthcare providers, and it’s more than just a financial loss. It also affects the overall quality of care provided to their patients. Healthcare providers can’t help if patients don’t show up for their appointments, which leads to delays in treatment, missed diagnoses, and prolonged illness. The ripple effect of these missed appointments can be damaging to both the provider and the patient.

Arranging Transportation Can Significantly Reduce No Show Rates

One potential solution to this problem is offering transportation assistance to mobility-challenged patients. Healthcare providers can partner with transportation companies or create their transportation programs to ensure their patients arrive at their appointments on time.

Some hospitals have already started offering free transportation services to patients, such as shuttle buses or ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. While these are potential solutions, partnering with a transportation provider like Holt Transport who specializes in non-emergency medical transportation ensures that your patient needs are fully met. These programs can significantly decrease the number of missed appointments and improve the overall quality of care while reducing the risk of regular hospital readmissions.

Adding Reminder Follow Up Calls And Messaging

Healthcare providers can also implement reminder systems to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. Using a variety of communication methods such as phone calls, emails, and SMS, patients can efficiently manage their schedules, and healthcare providers can reduce the number of no-shows. When patients receive reminders before their appointments, they are more likely to remember the date and time, and, therefore, less likely to miss their scheduled visits.

The healthcare industry is a challenging field, and the issue of patient no-shows is an unwelcome headache for healthcare providers. While there are various reasons why patients may miss appointments, transportation issues play a significant role. By offering transportation assistance and implementing reminder systems, healthcare providers can significantly reduce the number of no-shows, and thereby improving the quality of care for their patients. Taking these practical steps is critical for providers who want to make a measurable impact on their bottom line while improving patient care.

Want To Reduce No Show Rates?

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