Gurney Alternative Service – Saginaw, Grand Blanc For Appointments Throughout Michigan

Holt Transport is shaking up the world of non-emergency medical transportation. Soon, the Saginaw and Grand Blanc areas will have access to a new option for bedbound patients, with substantially lower costs than traditional ambulance services. Holt Transport’s gurney alternative service features the Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair. The chair is a game-changing device that eliminates the need for manual gurneys. In this blog post, we’re going to explore this exciting new option, its benefits, and how it can greatly improve transport safety and comfort for bed-bound patients.

Manual gurneys are often physically challenging to transporters and risky for bed-bound patients. The manual lifting, especially when loading the gurney into a vehicle, poses a significant risk. But with the Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair, those risks disappear. Patients can be effortlessly transported with the fully-reclining Broda chair and a medical transfer board. Both the patient and provider can remain comfortable and safe during the transfer.

The Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair can replace a manual gurney in 95% of transports. And it’s easy to see why. The chair is fully adjustable and can recline to a near-horizontal position. Medical professionals can make necessary modifications thanks to the tilt-in-space functionality. Even better, the chair has been safety-tested, and it’s WC19 compliant, ensuring that it meets all requirements for transport safety.

In addition, the Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair offers greater accessibility for patients who are dealing with bed-related medical conditions. The chair is designed to cater to a variety of patients, with features like adjustable lateral supports and a removable headrest to accommodate different body types. The Broda chair reduces pressure and offers great comfort to patients during transportation.

Holt Transport’s Gurney Alternative Van Transportation Is More Affordable

The cost for transporting bed-bound patients can be prohibitive, which is why the Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair is a more affordable option than a traditional ambulance. With Holt Transport’s new offering, patients no longer need to stress about the high costs of transportation, and healthcare providers can offer an economical, safe, and comfortable alternative to traditional gurneys.


Holt Transport’s revolutionary Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair is the way forward for non-emergency medical transportation. The chair is more affordable, safer, and more comfortable than traditional gurneys, making it the perfect choice for healthcare providers. Now, Saginaw and Grand Blanc areas have access to a game-changing device that can greatly improve transport safety and comfort for bed-bound patients. As we progress, we expect to see more and more healthcare providers join the revolution. The Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair has proven that it’s time for a change. Call us at 989-860-1004.  We schedule rides M-F 7am to 5pm, Saturdays 10am to 5pm.

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