Many different types of disabled transport options are available in the great lakes bay region. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Local transportation services

The local government usually operates this type of service. It can include buses, trains, or other types of transportation.

Private transportation services

A private company usually provides this type of service. It can include taxis, ride-sharing services, or other types of transportation.

Nonprofit transportation services

A nonprofit organization usually provides this type of service. It can include buses, trains, or other types of transportation.

Each disabled transport option has its own set of pros and cons. It is essential to do your research to find out what is best for you. First, you should understand your rights for service providers.

Americans with disabilities act

The ADA is a law passed in 1990 to protect the rights of people with disabilities. It requires transportation providers to make reasonable accommodations for passengers with disabilities. This includes providing wheelchair-accessible options and allowing service animals on board.

Suppose you have a disability and need help navigating the different disabled transport options. In that case, you can contact your local disability services organization. They can provide you with more information and help you find the best option for you. If you are not sure where to start, here are some great resources to begin with:

The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (ADTC)

The (ADTC) website is dedicated to helping people find reliable transportation services throughout the United States. Here you can search by state for information about contacting your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA), or Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). You can also enter your zip code into their map tool to find AAA offices that serve your community.

Here you will be able to learn more about what is available for disabled transport where you are located and be able to start the process of getting connected to the services that your community offers.

National Center for Mobility Management

The National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM) is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and training for mobility management professionals. Mobility management is the process of coordinating transportation services for people with disabilities, older adults, and others who have difficulty using traditional transportation options.

If you are a professional who works with people who need disabled transport, or if you are a person who needs help arranging transportation, NCMM can provide you with the tools and resources you need to make the most of your situation. Their website offers an overview of the mobility management process, case studies of successful programs, and a directory of resources that will help you get started. You can also find information about upcoming mobility management training events on their website.

Types of rides

Types of rides provided for senior citizens and disabled individuals include:

  • Wheelchair transportation
  • Ambulatory transportation
  • Non-ambulatory transportation
  • Special needs transportation
  • Medical appointments
  • Dialysis transport
  • Trips to the grocery store
  • Other destinations like to see family

Each type of service has different specifications that should be considered before choosing the service that best meets your needs.

Ambulatory transportation is for passengers who can walk but need assistance getting to their destination. This usually includes seniors and recovering from surgery or an illness. Many ambulatory transportation services

What are your options for loved ones with special needs?

Sometimes you may not be able to provide a ride for a loved one who has disabilities or an older parent who may be living on their own. We know that can be very stressful. We at Holt Transport would like to provide you with information about all of the options in Saginaw and Grand Blanc areas.

In either case, it is essential to know about all of the available options available here in the great lakes bay region and other parts of the country. While we show you many available options, non of the services compare to the professional door-to-door transportation options for disabled transportation.

Ask questioH2ns, what does the transportation services company offer?

When you need disabled transport, a few different types of services may be available to provide this for you. Some services may only take the person from one location to another at specific times, depending on what they have going on in their schedule for the day.

As an example, let’s say that it is time for school or work, and your loved one needs transport from home or from their residence to get themselves where they need to go for class or work. Still, there is no one else who can drive them around after-hours.

Other options might include a taxi service or even Uber. While all of these solutions are better than nothing, they may not be as convenient as a professional door-to-door transportation service like Holt Transport for disabled individuals or senior citizens.

This eliminates the stress and hassle of scheduling rides or finding someone who can take them at the last minute. Additionally, this service can assist those who may need help getting in and out of vehicles or with other needs along the way.

If you are looking for a disabled transport service in the great lakes bay region, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you find the exemplary service for your specific needs and provide you with an evaluation of what types of services may be available to you, as well as at what rates. 

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